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Residents Raise $60K for Staff Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of Masonic Village residents, 11 dining room servers received $4,000 college scholarships. Residents wanted to help recruit servers, many of whom are high school and college age, by offering them assistance with their future education through scholarships made possible through donations.

August 9, 2022|

It Takes a Village to Fight Breast Cancer

Edie Yeager has been involved in supporting the fight against breast cancer since her daughter’s diagnosis 16 years ago. This year was the first time she participated in a walk to raise money, and her friends at Masonic Village helped her to become the top fundraiser in Pennsylvania.

May 31, 2022|

My Friend Ruth

Ruth has scores of friends at Masonic Village, and Donna Billings is proud to be one of them. She admires Ruth's attitude, adventurous spirit and endless energy.

June 25, 2021|Tags: |
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