Masonic Village at Sewickley has a wide range of homes and apartments.

The Cost of Retirement Living

The cost of retirement living covers more than just a physical home. It is an investment in a lifestyle plan that addresses new priorities in vitality, guaranteed access to health care (whenever needed) and asset protection.

Options at Masonic Village at Sewickley include paying an entrance fee and corresponding monthly service fee for an apartment or villa. The monthly service fee assures day-to-day services and maintenance are managed in a way that allows you to live life to its fullest.

Monthly Service Fee Includes:

  • Flexible meal plans for your active life
  • Interior and exterior home repairs and maintenance
  • Provided appliances maintenance, repair and/or replacement
  • Twice monthly housekeeping
  • Housekeeping of common areas
  • Lawn service and seasonal landscaping
  • On-campus security
  • Emergency response system
  • Storage for apartments
  • Access to Village Connect online portal (dining menus, campus updates, event calendars, games, photo/video sharing, etc.)
  • Trash and snow removal
  • Water and sewer
  • Electric
  • Heat/air conditioning
  • Property taxes (if applicable)
  • Property insurance
  • Scheduled transportation on and off campus
  • Recreational and leisure programs
  • Access to health care services

Entrance Fee Options

Like most retirement communities, Masonic Village requires an entrance fee, along with a monthly service fee. The entrance fee allows residents to live in a private and spacious home for as long as they are able and to take advantage of the many services and amenities. Since the Masonic Village at Sewickley is a Lifecare community, the one-time fee also assures the availability of a personal care and/or skilled nursing residence for the future within the same monthly fee structure. Monthly fees assure that day-to-day services and maintenance are managed in a way that allows residents to live life to its fullest.

Masonic Village at Sewickley offers two choices for entrance fees.

  1. Four-Year Declining Balance: This option is a lower financial investment with a refund balance that declines gradually over a four-year period. The length of stay determines refunds to residents or their estates. The amount of refund declines at a rate of 6% the first month and 2% each of the following months. After four years, there is no remaining refund.
  2. 90% Refundable: This option protects the value of an estate by providing a 90% refund of the original entrance fee paid to the resident(s) or their estates.

2021 Entrance Fee Apartments

Entrance Fee Options Monthly Service Fee
Apartments 4-Year Declining Balance 90% Refundable Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
One bedroom/one bath (Type A1) $134,500 $242,100 $2,943 $4,502
One bedroom/den/one bath (Type B1) $174,200 $313,560 $3,267 $4,826
One bedroom/den/one bath/balcony (Type B2) $188,700 $339,660 $3,267 $4,826
One bedroom/den/one bath (Type B3) $174,200 $313,560 $3,267 $4,826
Two bedroom/two bath/balcony (Type C1) $225,600 $406,080 $3,825 $5,383
Two bedroom/two bath/balcony (Type C2) $214,400 $385,920 $3,619 $5,176
Two bedroom/two bath/balcony (Type C3) $225,600 $406,080 $3,825 $5,383
Two bedroom/den/two bath/balcony (Type D1) $283,400 $510,120 $3,945 $5,506
Optional parking garage — $118/month

2021 Entrance Fee Villas

Entrance Fee Options Monthly Service Fee
Villas 4-Year Declining Balance 90% Refundable Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
Two bedroom/two bath/one-car garage (Type 1) $345,200 $586,840 $4,970 $6,528
Two bedroom/two bath/one-car garage/basement (Type 1A) $362,800 $616,760 $5,046 $6,621
Three bedroom/two bath/one-car garage (Type 2) $381,200 $648,040 $5,040 $6,621
Three bedroom/two bath/one-car garage/basement (Type 2A) $400,300 $680,510 $5,137 $6,718
Two bedroom/two bath/two-car garage (Type 3) $381,200 $648,040 $4,970 $6,528
Two bedroom/two bath/two-car garage/basement (Type 3A) $400,300 $680,510 $5,046 $6,604
Four bedroom/three and 1/2 bath/two-car garage/full basement (Type 3B) $373,300 $634,610 $5,137 $6,718
Two bedroom/two bath/den/one-car garage (Type 5-1) $424,700 $721,990 $5,533 $7,269
Two bedroom/two bath/den/two-car garage (Type 5-2) $454,700 $772,990 $5,533 $7,269
Existing villa with finished basement — additional $20,400-$34,680 (90% refundable), plus $55 per month for housekeeping services

Costs are effective as of Jan. 1, 2021 and are subject to change. Please contact Masonic Village for details at 1-866-872-0664.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-872-0664. Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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